Clinical Rotation and Critical Reflection Exercise

Learners will have a clinical experience in an interdisciplinary health care setting. They will write a reflective paper on their observations. Students will share their reflective writings in small, faculty-facilitated groups.

Critical Reflection Facilitator Guide

Critical Reflection Template

Critical Writing Group Experience Instructions

There are three components to the clinical rotation and critical reflection exercise as follows:

Critical Reflection Paper

Learners will critically reflect on a case observed at that site. The exercise focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of health care. See link to Facilitator Guide, Template, and Critical Writing Instructions above.

Critical Reflection Session

Interdisciplinary Sharing of Reflections (See link to Critical Reflection Facilitator Guide above.)

Learners of the various disciplines meet together in groups of 6-8 with a faculty facilitator to share their reflections and discuss their experiences. During this session, learners become aware of the variety of venues in which health care is practiced. They share their patient experiences and observations related to the care provided.

Prior to this session, the faculty facilitator reads each of the learners' reflections and responds in writing. The learner receives this written feedback which is used to encourage further insights and critical thinking related to their clinical experience.

The Critical Reflection Session is usually scheduled by the instructor on the same day as ICME.