2020 Annual Optimal Aging Conference 

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Sponsoring & Exhibiting Opportunities

The Optimal Aging Conference is a cutting-edge conference for individuals dedicated to advancing an alternative paradigm for the aging field. This conference is interdisciplinary, attracting experts and professionals across a wide variety of fields. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to how you are instrumental to the optimal aging movement. 

Past Optimal Aging Conferences have drawn between 250 and 400 attendees from four countries and 21 states in the US.

The majority of our attendees are from Kentucky and Indiana. Our attendees represent many organizations in the aging field, including healthcare service providers, insurance and finance organizations, AARP, social service providers, technology and innovation start-ups, legal service providers, universities, veteran services, and many more. 

2019 Optimal Aging Conference Attendees:

  • 20% were upper administration in their organizations (CEOs, Directors, Presidents, Owners, etc.)
  • 23% were over the age 65
  • 13% were in the medical professions (MDs, nurses, residents, etc.)
  • 11% were in academia (professors/researchers, students, etc.)
  • 20% were members of the Kentucky Association for Gerontology

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