Wellness Lifestyle Services: Fitness Classes


About Our FITNESS Classes

Maintaining a regular exercise practice is a fun and effective way to help us maintain our fitness and functioning as we age. We understand that your fitness needs change in the different phases of your life and that your needs are unique to your experience. We offer fitness classes that recognize that the most effective class for you is the one that is designed for you. We invite you to learn about our exercise classes that offer modifications and varieties for all ages and abilities and to connect with our talented instructors who are experienced with helping individuals of all ages achieve their fitness and health goals. 

We currently offer one weekly fitness class: Get Moving with Gray. We welcome you to learn about this weekly practice, meet our instructors, and join our community!


Our last Get Moving with Gray class will be on 4/13/21.

Get Moving with Gray: Low Impact Cardio & Fitness for All Levels

Tuesdays from 10:00 am - 11:00 am EST 

This class welcomes anyone and everyone! No matter your age, ability, or fitness level, you will be sure to find a way to make this class your own! Modifications and progressions will always be offered to meet you where you are and make you feel comfortable in your own body. This class is all about celebrating the amazing things our bodies can do, no matter what that looks like for you! All you need is a body and a willingness to move. Bonus points for smiles and virtual high fives. :) 

Not only will your physical body feel great after an hour of movement, you will notice your mindset will be renewed after this class as well. Incorporating physical strength, fun, and an intention setting and gratitude practice each class is the perfect recipe for success for anyone who is looking to achieve lifelong wellness.

 Equipment Needed: 

  • A light set of dumbbells (or water bottles or soup cans) optional
  • A small ball (or pillow) optional
  • A looped band (or hand towel for online) optional
  • Comfortable clothes that allow for movement & tennis shoes or other protective footwear - and a smile!
  • Same that allows for ease of movement
  • A sturdy chair nearby 
  • Bottle of water 

Our last Get Moving with Gray class will be on 4/13/21.

 Due to COVID-19 precautions, all of our Wellness Lifestyle Services (i.e., yoga and fitness classes) will be held online. For these sessions, we will use Zoom technology. Our instructors will provide instructions for what to expect with their online classes when you register. New to Zoom? Our team is here to help you get set up so that the technology is not a barrier to joining our life-long wellness community. Contact us at [email protected] if your have questions about attending classes online!


“I was sick, had some close loved ones pass away, and the doctor said I needed to get away from home and enjoy other people’s company. After joining the classes, I feel 100% better!” -Polly, age 75

“I enjoy the exercise classes very much! You make me feel good when we do the exercises and I just love it!”
-Mille, age 90 

“I might feel down sometimes, but if others around me are energized and moving me with me... I can try! If I can only do 2 times, then I’ll sit down for a minute and get up and try again.  The exercise classes make me happy knowing I can come in here, talk, exercise, and get things off my mind. It makes me live longer because I do better and feel better. Even though I have to make myself get up and come sometimes, that’s what makes life worth living because I can come exercise, socialize, and dance...it’s not like we’re just doing boring exercise. We do fun dances, laugh with it, and have a good time. It’s very enjoyable and I think everyone needs to try doing exercise classes with a fun instructor!” -Brenda, age 65