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The Flourish Behavioral Health Internship Program


Transform Your Career. Transform Healthcare

The Trauma-Informed FlourishCare Program is a competitive one-year internship open to social work students from all Kentucky universities, as well as counseling psychology and DNP-psych students enrolled at UL.  This program trains students to provide trauma-informed care coordination and behavioral health interventions while working with adults across the lifespan throughout Kentucky.  Rural placement opportunities are available.

Eligibility and Requirements

Enrolled in one of the following programs:

  • Bachelor’s in Social Work
  • Masters in Social Work
  • Advanced year Counseling Psychology (UL only)
  • Advanced year DNP-psych (UL only)

Willingness to travel to internship sites in rural counties, to be determined upon acceptance into the program

A commitment to use trauma-informed care in your work with a behavioral health setting after graduation

Interest in working with adults across the lifespan

Student Benefits

$10,000 living stipends (UL MSSW Advanced year and UL Counseling Psychology Advanced year only) - limited

$26,352 living stipends (UL DNP-psych only)

Other Scholarships available—amount varies

Interprofessional training in trauma-informed behavioral health care interventions

Trauma-Informed FlourishCare Professional Certificate

Career Development and Job Placement Resources

Improve the lives of adults using a trauma-informed integrated behavioral health-primary care coordination model

How to Apply

Interested students should reach out to Rachael Williams-Hale at [email protected] for further inquiry.

Strong candidates will be invited for a follow-up interview.

For questions contact Rachael Williams-Hale at: [email protected]

The Institute's Flourish Behavioral Health Internship Program is funded by the UofL Trager Institute's HRSA Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training grant.

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The Flourish Behavioral Health Internship Program is a highly competitive program that is ideal for students who are dedicated to gaining exceptional care coordination and behavioral health professional skills. 

If interested in this practicum experience, please contact [email protected] for further information. 

Attention UofL Kent School Students: please call or email the Field Placement Office before submitting an application for the Flourish Behavioral Health Internship Program. 

Transform Your Career. Transform Healthcare. 

If selected to participate in this program, please identify the UofL Trager Institute as your practicum placement choice in your respective graduate program practicum application process. If you have questions regarding this step of the application, contact your graduate program's practicum placement facility coordinator to learn more.

Student Benefits

Multiple funding opportunities*:
Social Work - Advanced-standing: $10,000 stipend 
Social Work - Foundation-level & BSW: Amount Varies scholarship 

Counseling Psychology - Master's level: $10,000 living expense stipend 
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner - Doctoral level: $28,352 living expense stipend

*Employment at the University of Louisville and other qualifying characteristics may make students ineligible for these awards

Remote placement opportunities.
Students do not have to live in Louisville in order to be part of this program. If you live outside of Louisville, we are able to work with you to find a placement in your area while providing you with remote supervision and training.

Professional training in interprofessional care and behavioral health interventions. 
Students will be trained in providing interprofessional care coordination and behavioral health interventions as part of the Flourish Model of Care. Students will be able to demonstrate competency on nationally recognized behavioral health standards. The students in the Flourish Behavioral Health Graduate Internship Program will receive training in the evidenced-based iCCOA Curriculum. 

Earn Professional Certificate in Geriatric Interdisciplinary Behavioral Health- Primary Care. 
To enhance post-graduate employability in a behavioral health setting, students in our program will receive a professional certificate that recognizes their valuable skill set in providing effective behavior health interventions to meet the needs of older adults.

Career Development & Job Placement Services. 
Students will receive job placement and career development supports/training as part of their program experience. Our goal is to ensure students are equipped to be competitive, highly qualified job applicants in the field of behavioral health. 

Improve the lives of older adults in a transformative service coordination model.
Placement in this program will offer students a unique opportunity to be part of a new and innovative approach to delivering comprehensive and integrated care to older adults. 

Eligibility & Requirements

Enrollment in one of the following programs:

  • Master-level Social Work, Advanced-Standing
  • Master-level Social Work, Foundation level
  • Undergraduate Social Work program
  • Doctoral-level Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Master-level Counseling Psychology 

Willing to travel to practice sites including locations in rural counties, to be determined upon entry into program.
The Flourish Network addresses the need for integrated behavioral health and primary care in rural counties. Students in this program may be expected to travel to conduct geriatric assessments and to provide behavioral health services.

Interest in working with the older adult population. 
The Flourish Network seeks to address the often overlooked needs of rural, vulnerable, or medically underserved populations. We also work with the older adult Hispanic population in the six counties.

A commitment to work with a behavioral health setting after graduation.
We seek to increase the amount of qualified behavioral health professionals that can provide much needed services to rural and Hispanic older adults. Our goal is to have 75% of this program's interns employed within one year of graduation in behavioral health positions in rural areas.