2021 Annual County Walk Challenge for Health and Wellness


Individuals and teams are welcome to walk, run, bike, swim their way to better health (or any favorite exercise) while having an opportunity to socialize, build relationships, increase county pride, and improve the health of the community.

Walkers will enter their steps or minutes by clicking on this link- https://tinyurl.com/CountyWalk or ask their county leader to enter their steps or minutes. 

Counties can choose to walk individually, with families, as a community, virtually, or any combination of the above!

Deadline to turn in steps to your county lead is October 2nd, and county lead sends to contacts below by close of        business on October 5th.

The counties will be divided into 3 categories according to size and a traveling trophy will be presented to the winning counties at the Kentucky Coalition for Healthy Communities on October 15, 2021.

Steps and activities can be recorded via actual measured steps or in minutes for movement and submitted to your county lead*. We will use an equation to calculate minutes spent exercising, into steps.  The county with most steps wins the challenge and receives the “Traveling Trophy.” It will be presented at the KCHC meeting on October 15, 2021!


Calling all community members, leaders, and organizations!  Let’s get moving during the month of September by participating in the Annual County Walk Challenge for Health and Wellness.

County leads are needed to collect steps for each county and can do so by contacting county walk chair.