Our mission at the UofL Trager Institute is to bring about a new vision of aging where aging is seen as an opportunity. One way in which we seek to achieve our mission is by helping communities become healthier. We believe that bringing education and support to communities is a powerful and transformative way to increase the health of our older adult population in Kentucky and beyond. This is why we have partnered with Microclinic International to bring health and wellness to older adults in our Kentucky communities through the Microclinics Program. 

The Microclinic Team Model is a unique approach to community health and wellness.

 A ‘microclinic’ is not a small building, but a human infrastructure - a health management collective composed of people who share access to education, technology and social support as members work together to prevent and manage chronic disease. Microclinics are formed organically from extended families, small businesses, church groups, and more. Rather than attempting to create a new social support system, Microclinics build upon existing social networks. 

Built on relationships and social capital rather than bricks and mortar, Microclinics put the power of health directly into the hands of the community.

The Anatomy of the Microclinics Program: Leveraging Social Networks to Address Chronic Disease 

  • Small teams of two to six family members, friends and colleagues form a Microclinic. Together, they set incremental goals to improve their health and support each other in reaching those goals. 
  • Over a 10-week period, multiple Microclinics (groups) meet together virtually via Zoom to learn how to make sustainable changes to prevent or manage disease in a fun, group environment. Healthy lifestyle changes are the goal for all involved.
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Why Join the Microclinics Program?

• It's a free way to become healthier and get the support you need to take control of your health conditions in a supportive, group environment led by health professionals. 

• 95% of participants who completed a Microclinic Program improved in at least one clinical indicator (weight, body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.) 

• Participants influence their social network, spreading health behaviors to friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors making health a true community value and often joining/creating local efforts to improve community health.

• Due to the positive impact the Microclinics Program made in their life, some participants decide they'd like to be trained to become a facilitator. 

Our mantra is the ultimate belief that health is contagious.

How to Join the Microclinics Program

Joining the Microclinics Program is simple! Classes are free and meet once per week over a 10-week period. Classes are held virtually via Zoom, so participants can join from their very own home or office. There are multiple 10-week program schedules available. Simply choose the program schedule that works best for you from the table below and click the registration button at the bottom of the page to complete the registration form!

Fall 2021 Time Period Class Time
Tuesday Afternoon Option September 28, 2021 - November 30, 2021 3:00 P.M. - 4:30 P.M. EST
Wednesday Morning Option September 15, 2021 - November 17, 2021 10:00 A.M. - 11:30 A.M. EST


To register for the Microclinics Program as a participant, to sponsor a Microclinics Class within your organization, or to learn more about the program, please click the button below and complete the form. 


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How to Become a Microclinics Program Facilitator

Become a trained Microclinics Program Facilitator and help your community become healthier!

As a facilitator, you will make a commitment to a 2-day Zoom training. Once trained, you will organize and co-lead classes in your community via Zoom during the pandemic. Classes meet once a week for 10 weeks, followed by once a month to meet for a year. There will be a monthly meeting running through Trager Institute if you want to refer participants.

Facilitator Training Session Time Period Class Time
Facilitator Training  Two-Day Training: September 10 & 11, 2021, September 20 & 21, 2021, and September 30 & October 1, 2021  9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. EST

To learn more about the Microclinics Facilitator Training, please email Mona Huff at [email protected] To apply to become a Microclinics Facilitator and register for the training, hit the button below. 


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