UofL Health's post-COVID clinic is dedicated to providing long-term follow-up care to patients who have recovered from both symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID-19 infection.  

The clinic is a collaborative effort between the UofL Department of Internal Medicine, UofL Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute and the UofL Trager Institute Republic Bank Foundation Optimal Aging Clinic. In addition to follow-up care, the clinic aims to create a registry of all confirmed COVID-19 patients in Jefferson County, followed by confirmed COVID-19 patients in the state of Kentucky. 

The COVID virus affects people very differently. Patients have reported the virus impacted their heart, eyes, lungs, stomach, kidneys, and ability to think clearly. An initial evaluation will determine how you were impacted, arrange for treatment and specialist referrals, and monitor any long-term health issues. We will also want to learn how the virus impacted other parts of your life such as your job, housing, social connections, and ability to eat well. If needed, we will help you find community resources.  

The Post-COVID clinic will be a service offered by the Republic Bank Foundation Optimal Aging Clinic at the UofL Trager Institute. Patients must be 18 years of age or older.

UofL Health's Post-COVID Care Clinic