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We make aging an opportunity for older adults and caregivers through a variety of direct service offerings, research participation opportunities, and educational programming. Are you a veteran? Check our resources for older adult veterans


We provide comprehensive, home-based geriatric consultation to older adults, caregivers, families, and community organizations. This service includes: 
  • A comprehensive geriatric assessment that assesses six determinants of health including: biological, psychological, individual health behaviors, health services, environmental, and social
  • Customized care plan development and implementation support from our skilled team 
  • Polypharmacy consultation 
  • Access to our team of gerontology specialists and content experts to provide personalized advice and consultation  on topics including: Mobility & Fall Risk, Service Coordination, Long-term Care Arrangements, Alzheimer’s & Dementia 


We offer a specialized care coordination program for adults with multiple chronic conditions. This program is free to eligible patients.


We offer several ways for individuals to participate in and benefit from advances in medications, interventions, and innovations: 

  1.  Participant Registry: A program where adults 50+ can volunteer to participate in research and product testing conducted in the field of aging studies. 

  2. Clinical Trials: A subset of our Participant Registry, individuals can participate specifically in medical or health-related interventions and studies. 


We provide a variety of educational programs year-round that explore how you can age optimally, such as a conference, lectures, Optimal Aging Month, and a blog. We also host the Gold Standard Award for Optimal Aging. 


The Institute helps to lead several community initiatives that are great ways to get involved including: Age-Friendly Louisville, the MOST Coalition, and the Kentucky Coalition for Healthy Communities (KCHC). 


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