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Jean AdamsAge: 95

Jean Adams is an amazing example of what aging can look like! She received a bachelor's degree from Indiana University in 1949 and worked for several years before marrying Jim Adams and having two sons. Since the 1980s, Jean has been an integral part of Indianapolis' community theatre and has received multiple Encore awards for her acting work; she was most recently nominated for "best major supporting actress" in the play Over the River and Through the Woods. She enjoys theatre, golfing, playing bridge, and many other activities in addition to spending time with her 2 sons, 2 daughters-in-law, 5 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. Jean is a model of vivacity, talent, tenacity, and joie de vivre with a penchant for red convertibles!

"As I age, I dare to continue playing 18 holes of golf and bridge once a week!"

Virginia Ali | Age: 89

Virginia Ali was raised on a farm in rural Virginia but, at the age of 19, she moved to D.C. where she became a teller at a bank. She later opened a restaurant in the locally known area of "Black Broadway" in Washington D.C. to showcase her delicious spicy chili dogs. This restaurant became a huge hit and created a community that inspired and continues to inspire people from all over to engage with one another. During the beginning of the pandemic, Virginia fed the local police stations and fire stations by delivering free food to their doorstep every day until restaurants were permitted to open their doors to the public once more. The restaurant became so successful since its creation that there is a foundation in its name. Now, the Ben's Chili Bowl Foundation donates over $50,000 a year to neighborhood programs. Today, she still runs the renowned Ben's Chili Bowl restaurant at nearly 90 years old and enjoys feeding celebrities and notable public figures that frequent her restaurant. Alongside her dedication to uplifting her community, she holds the title of most photographed woman in all of Washington D.C. history!

"As I age, I dare to do anything I want to do and live life to the fullest." 

Delores Alleyne | Age: 91

Dr. Delores Alleyne was the first black woman to go to the University of Louisville School of Medicine. She has trailblazed the way for other diverse groups to follow in her footsteps at UofL, and regularly encourages upcoming medical studies to stay steadfast in their studies and mission to provide the best health care service to their patients as possible. She is a born and raised Louisvillian and has a minority scholarship in her name with UofL. She recently starred in a documentary highlighting her journey as the first black woman to attend UofL's School of Medicine. 

"As I age I dare to eat right and exercise. Stay positive. Discard, dismiss, and destroy shame, blame, regret, resentment, guilt, and greed. The past is over. Be religious, pray, and meditate. Help others. The more joy you give, the more joy you get!"

Walter Anderson | AGE: 85

Walter recently retired as the choir director at Pewee Valley Presbyterian Church after more than 10 years in the role. He spent all his life helping others to appreciate music. He was one of the best choir directors any church can hope for and should be honored for his dedication to music. 

"As I age, I dare to work toward a better tomorrow by engaging in activities designed to uplift those less fortunate, to support those whose views are threatened, and to seek justice for all."

Forest Bower | AGE: 104

Forest was a colonel in the US Army. He worked for the Federal Land Bank and visited farmers in 4 different states. He started off as an agricultural teacher. He was drafted into WWII the day after Pearl Harbor. Forest is turning 105 years old this year and still has all of his wits about him.

"As I age I dare to have a positive outlook on life and learn something new each day. I dare to have big hopes and dreams for my grandchildren and great grandchildren."

Margaret Butler | AGE: 87

Margaret has been a volunteer with the Louisville Metro Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) for over 10 years and part of the musical senor group called SilverNotes performing at various older housing communities, schools, civic groups and more.  Prior to volunteering with RSVP, she was the director with The Lighthouse Academy which provided nurturing care and educational learning to young children.  She currently lives in Old Louisville and enjoys taking daily walks around Central Park and St. James Court area. 

"As I age, I dare to continue living life to the fullest."

Ann Carlton AGE: 85

This woman exemplifies aging in a positive and graceful manner.  She has raised her own children and now lives with her daughter and grandson, helping to raise him. I have come to know Ann late in life. Here is what I have learned about her: she has lived life to the absolute maximum.  Her laughter and joy are known far and wide in her community.  There are 7 teenage boys who care about, protect, and love her because she imparts her wisdom and faithful knowledge upon them.  She is a hope for what aging should be in our world and in our community.  Everyone who knows her will tell you she is a light that shines in all situations.

Ralph S. Coffman | AGE: 90

Born in Hardin County, Kentucky in 1933, Ralph was one of 12 children. He entered the military at age 17 and served in the Korean conflict, where he briefly was a prisoner of war, and attained the rank of sergeant. After returning to Kentucky, he worked as a painter, served as a Baptist minister and earned bachelor's and master's degrees from Western Kentucky University. He married Mary Ann Armour in 1955 and they raised two sons. Ralph worked for the Henderson County School District as a teacher and administrator, launching the Head Start program in that region. He later served in the administrations of Governors Wendell Ford and Julian Carroll. He later became a vice president and stakeholder in Res-Care, Inc. in Louisville and earned a doctorate of education from California Coast University.

Nick and Glenna Coleman | AGE: 90 & 85

Nick and Glenna Coleman lived on their family farm in Henry County all their lives. The farm has been in the family for more than 200 years. Mr. Coleman focused on preserving the land for future generations. Up until he was close to 75 years old, he only farmed with horses and no other machinery. We were fortunate enough to buy this beautiful property from him. We try to keep preserving this beautiful piece of paradise that we can enjoy because of Mr. and Mrs. Coleman's dedication to responsible and regenerative farming practices. Mrs. Coleman supported her husband on the farm and help preserved the land.

"As we age, we dare to live the rest of our lives in our newly purchased home in Pendleton. We also want to read, watch old TV series, and mow our yard. We also dare to live the rest of our lives doing whatever the Lords leads us to do and loving on our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren."

Holly Collins | AGE: 103

Holly Collins is one of eight children born to Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fields on February 20, 1920. Alumni of Lees College and UofL, she taught in a two-room schoolhouse before moving to Louisville to support the war effort during World War II. She met her husband, John L. Collins while working at DuPont as a chemical engineer. Mrs. Collins enjoyed shaping the minds of JCPS students at Mill Creek Elementary School until her retirement in 1977. She still bakes, with her pumpkin roll as sweet as she is, and her apple pie has the perfect spice blend. She continues to make jams, jellies, and apple butter from scratch. She published Apron Strings cookbook and Echoes of the Heart, a book of poetry. At 103 years of age, she is still active in St. Matthew’s Baptist Church, quilts, and attends various sporting events to support great-grandchildren.

"As I age, I dare to be more outspoken."

Martha Layne Collins  | AGE: 86

Martha Layne Collins is the former Governor of Kentucky who served from 1983 – 1987. She chaired the Tennesse-Tombigbee Waterway Authority, which opened the waterway to commercial traffic in 1985. She also chaired the Southern Growth Policies Board, and Southern States Energy Board, and co-chaired the Appalachian Regional Commission. After her term as governor, she became president of St. Catherine’s College for six years. She also served as the Executive-in-Residence at the University of Louisville’s School of Business and as director for the International Business and Management Center at the University of Kentucky. 

"As I age, I dare to continue to challenge myself to keep abreast every day of the events in our state, nation, and world; to stay involved; and to continue to learn."

Father John Deatrick | AGE: 90

Fr. John Deatrick has dedicated 57 years to serving as a priest in the Archdiocese of Louisville. Throughout his career, he has been involved in various roles, including campus minister and baseball coach at Bellarmine College (University), campus minister/counselor at St. Xavier High School, and pastor of St. Martha Catholic Church. He also served as a volunteer for the Jefferson County Police Dept. and chaplain of the Knights of Columbus 3rd Degree, Assumption Council. In 1977, he received the Bellarmine Athletic Award and was installed into Bellarmine’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

Even after retiring, he continued his priestly ministry as a senior associate and remains active in celebrating numerous funerals in the Louisville area. Fr. Deatrick also stays connected with others through technology, living in his own condominium and engaging in the ministry of prayer for all God's people.

"As I age, I dare to continue being of service as I am able to in whatever way is possible."

Jennie Ensor | AGE: 85

Jennie brings so much joy to Baptist Health, having devoted an incredible 15 years and 6 months as a volunteer and accumulating 6,166 volunteer hours! She has been part of the Auxiliary Board since September 2010, serving as vice president of fundraising and currently as vice president of membership. Jennie wears multiple hats at Baptist Health, from delivering beverages and smiles to patients in waiting rooms to sewing comfort pillows for surgery patients through the pillow project. Presently, she volunteers in the hospital gift shop, providing outstanding customer service to all visitors. Full of love and always putting others first, Jennie is the definition of GOLD STANDARD. 

"As I age, I dare to look back at my past and the blessed life that God has granted me; a wonderful family, with children, grandchildren and siblings as well the good health to enjoy them and serve others." 

Donald Fleming, Sr. | AGE: 90

At 90 years old, Donald Fleming truly exemplifies optimal aging. Although he has retired as CEO of Zoeller Pump Company, he leads an incredibly active life. Engaging in activities like golfing, hunting, yard work, frequent travel, and going to the gym daily, he takes his health seriously and has always done whatever is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He is also a friend to many and has never met a stranger.  

"As I age, I dare to count. I count my steps and I count my blessings. My mindset is that I need to keep on as much as I can for as long as I can. I think that for all of us, once we sit down, it's awfully hard to get back up again so I exercise daily, play golf, and take care of my house and my yard. I like to learn new things and figure out how they work. I've even invented a gadget or two. I enjoy going places and visiting with friends and family, and I talk to others anytime i get a chance. I have a strong faith and enjoy going to church and studying God's word. I am in good health and that allows me to maintain my independence. These are all blessings in my life, but my greatest blessing is that of family. Having people who love you can get you through any storm. I have worked hard all my life, even as a child, and have struggled to achieve the success I have had. The love of my wife, children, and grandchildren has been and continues to be the reason I keep on keeping on."

Bettye Harmon | AGE: 86

Bettye worked as an administrative assistant for Dr. James O'Brien from 1996 until 2013, after she had become bored with retirement from her previous career.  She was the best he had ever worked with in over 47 years—so bright, caring and always professional. As an older worker, she shocked lots of people with her ability to learn new information. She continues to challenge herself in retirement with reading, puzzles, cooking, lunches with friends, mentoring, and daily rigorous exercise to maintain health and strength. She redesigned her house to be able to age at home. She is truly an inspiration to so many who call her ‘Miss Bettye.’

"As I age, I dare to challenge myself and others with how active I am. All my friends refer to me as 'Miss Bettye' and say 'I want to be like you when I get old. We love you, Miss Bettye.' I am so blessed. I always keep my body moving some ways, even when sitting watching game shows, I have my exercise ball at my lazy boy chair with legs and feet on it, rolling back and forth. Reading and crossword puzzles keep your brain awake."

Margaret Jenkins | AGE: 88

Margaret Jenkins is a widow of an army soldier and mother of five daughters. Living alone, she still cuts the grass herself on her riding mower and tends to multiple flower gardens. Margaret stays active by walking on a treadmill several times a week, writing poems, and delivering speeches for her church. Recently, she has been advocating the importance of becoming an organ donor after the loss of one of her daughters who was a donor. She combines her love for travel and sports of all types by following her granddaughter's soccer games for Mercer University all over the country, including Kansas City, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina. Although she faces challenges from macular degenerative eye disease, she doesn’t let anything stop her from leading an active life.

"As I age, I dare to always try to continue my way of life. Just being more cautious and slowing down. Giving up is not an option for me. Things still need to be done if my health allows. Being legally blind, technology has allowed me to continue my history research and tell my stories to my church congregation. Nothing has changed in living alone and caring for myself. My gardening and exercise still keep me alive. My goal is to continue to travel, socialize, and enjoy life."

Barbara Jordan | AGE: 89

Barbara has had a long life of helping others through her jobs and volunteering through her church. She cooked in the local schools for 13 years and then cooked at the Todd County Senior Center for several years providing nutritious meals to so many in Todd County. At church you will find her working with the kitchen group when there is a funeral, helping with VBS, being treasurer for the WOM and her Sunday school class.  Her pastimes include canning and quilting, and she has even donated quilts for fundraisers that are highly prized by the winners! Barbara also donates her time at the senior center, engaging in various community projects, including preparing goody bags for emergency personnel and assisting with fun events like Halloween trick-or-treating and Easter egg hunts. 

"As I age, I dare to not get married again and not travel on long trips!"

Kim Krivoshey | AGE: 95

Kim Krivoshey is originally from Russia.  He is widowed but remains active by going to Access Care, which he has attended since March 2011. He enjoys going here for wide range of activities. He is of Arabic descent and Muslim/Islamic faith.

"As I age, I dare to keep and maintain a positivity in life, it keep you going a lot longer." 

William Laiquyle | AGE: 94

William Laiquyle will turn 94 years in September 2023. He is originally from Vietnam and his journey to America as a refugee is compelling and touching story.  Coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic, he wanted to become active and socialize more, so he joined Access Care in February 2023.  He loves going to meet other friends, play games, take part in activities, and eat all kinds of food. 

"As I age, I dare to walk more often, do exercises, and not have bad habits."

Maria Manion | AGE: 88

Maria has centered her life around being a doctor for over 60 years. She got her master’s degree in music at age 14 and was admitted to medical school at age 16. She was one of a few women who was awarded a medical degree in the 1960s in Buenos Aires, and she was the only woman in her graduating class. She started in pediatrics and moved into child psychiatry when that was not a field explored by many doctors at the time. She moved to California to continue her work there. Later in her practice, she also worked with adults. 

"As I age, I dare to encourage us to cheer the miracle of life as well enjoy the miracle of living. I think that the best way to transmit this joy of living is by simply saying thank you. To your family, to your school teachers and professors. To your friends and to your colleagues and more so, which is in my case, to my patients, because they perdure like a soft balm in the remaining path of my existence. To this amazing, incredible country, thanks! Because she has given us so much since the first time you open your eyes. We tell everyone and loud enough to send echoes over the earth and not to forget that all of this has the blessing of God. And for that, my humble thank you."

Frank McReynolds | AGE: 85

Frank dedicated 37 years to the military, serving in both the regular army and reserves. Additionally, he spent many years working in the city of Elkton before retiring. For the past eight and half years, he has been serving as a city councilman for Elkton. Frank's involvement in the community doesn't stop there; he's also been the historian for the First Baptist Church of Elkton for six years and holds the honorable title of an Honorary Kentucky Colonel.

Throughout his time in Elkton, Frank has been a friend to many, always ready to lend a helping hand. He's also been instrumental in driving community improvements to make Elkton an even better place to live.

Frank remains active as an avid bicyclist and a member of the Aging Council for the PACS Todd County Senior Center, which he has been on for the past eight years. In his spare time, he enjoys working in his vegetable garden.

"As I age, I dare to continue to serve my community."

Ursula Muccigrosso | AGE: 90

Ursula Muccigrosso has been a dedicated volunteer with the Norton Audobon Hospital for nearly decades, spending most of her time as gift shop assistant and helper. Additionally, she has been a volunteer with the Louisville Metro Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) for about two years. Before her volunteering days, she worked at the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office. What brings Ursula the most joy is greeting family and friends of patients, as well as hospital staff, during her time at the gift shop. Providing them with cheer, peace of mind, and being that special person for them is what motivates her to continue doing what she does, even at the age of 90! 

"As I age, I dare to regret all the fun things I didn’t get a chance to do."

Bob Myers | AGE: 88

Bob began his journey at the University of Louisville in 1965. Throughout the years, he held numerous roles in the College of Business, and anyone you speak to, whether faculty, staff, or student, would have nothing but praise for him. Personally, I had the privilege of working alongside him in the management department when I joined as a new junior faculty member in 2012. Bob proved to be an incredibly supportive and amiable mentor, making me feel warmly welcomed from the start. 

As a teacher, he displayed a genuine passion for his students, who adored him for not only his teaching but also his delightful stories and jokes. Even after retirement, Bob's caring for his fellow man continues. A more generous and pleasant man, you will not find. 

"As I age, I dare to hope that I will live to continue enjoying the friendship I have shared with so many throughout my life."

Teresita Oropilla | AGE: 94

Teresita is an amazing woman with an incredible story. At a young age, she had many trials to overcome, including hiding in a jungle from the Japanese with nuns and a priest for three months after they invaded her city until her uncle finally found her. Teresita moved to the US in her mid-forties with her husband from the Philippines. She completed her residency at the University of Louisville and opened a pediatric family practice. At 94, she is still writing for the Louisville Medical Journal monthly to share her stories. You can find these stories in the monthly editions to read more about Teresita.

"As I age, I dare to continue helping others. Continue using my talents I have left, with patience for my loved ones and those in need of them."

Phyllis Osbourn | AGE: 90

Following a long nursing career, at age 90, Phyllis exemplifies the principles of optimal aging. She is an advocate for refugees and immigrants and has helped families resettle in Louisville. That commitment lives on through the Jeff and Phyllis Osbourn Scholarship given annually to a new American attending Spalding University to pursue a career in health care. This scholarship has enabled 10 students to complete medical degrees over the past decade and complements her lifetime commitment to health care as a nurse. It also continues the work of her and late-husband Jeff serving new Americans in Louisville who were fleeing war-torn nations such as Somalia and Bosnia.

As a devoted Catholic and St. Bernadette parishioner, she has a rich spiritual life and faith community, and she continues to support missions to the poor through the Maryknoll Society Despite vision and hearing impairments, she is an avid reader—active in two book clubs—and eager news consumer who remains deeply interested in politics and good government. After Jeff, her husband of almost 50 years, passed away in 2005, she moved to a patio home where she continues to live independently and enjoy her friends and neighbors. She is the sun around which her five children and 14 grandchildren orbit, basking in her hospitality and warmth.      

"As I age, I dare to hope that in my old age I will have a deepening love affair with the Lord."                                                                         

Lois Pendleton | AGE: 87

Lois Pendleton has been a dedicated volunteer for 18 years, actively serving both the Louisville Metro Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) and the St. Joseph Children's Sewing Society. Before her time as a volunteer, she worked as a registered nurse in the medical field for many years. However, her heart truly lies with the sewing society women at St. Joseph's Children Home. Going there once or twice a week, Lois engages in creating blankets, quilts, and comforters. Her genuine passion shines through, and she eagerly looks forward to each and every week spent with the sewing society.

"As I age, I dare to say thank you for all the new friends I have made over the years as a member of St. Joseph Sewing Society and RSVP. When my cousin, Gloria, insisted I join the quilting group, I wasn't so sure I was good enough or that I wanted to do that, but she insisted. And here I am still today. Learning, still growing older each day, and ever thankful for the wonderful opportunity this has been in retirement for me and for all the wonderful people I have met over the years. I look forward to coming for a long while if this old body will cooperate."

Sister Janet Peterworth | AGE: 87

Now in retirement, Sr. Janet gives her time and energy to serving on non-profit boards and volunteering as needed with various service groups in the Louisville area. She served for two years with Leadership Louisville’s Encore program.  She has just finished serving a six-year term on both Bellarmine University’s Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors of Sacred Heart Schools. Sr. Janet has also just completed her service on the board of Hildegard House where she was one of the original board members of Kentucky’s only comfort care home. Presently she is chair of the Ursuline Sisters Charitable Trust and is serving on the board of Interfaith Paths to Peace as well as the board of Friends of Escuipulas. 

Sr. Janet was the first Catholic woman to serve with Louisville’s Church Women United Executive Board and stayed active with that organization when she moved to West Virginia.  It was while in West Virginia that she was chosen as one of twenty-five women from the United States to travel with the Christian Causeway to Ireland to study the war that was raging in Ireland at that time.  More recently she traveled to El Salvador to learn firsthand about the turmoil in that country and to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the martyrdom of four American churchwomen killed there in 1980.  Sr. Janet has recently returned from El Paso where she assisted with immigrant work.  

"As I age, I dare to stay involved in the community wherever I can as often as I can. I dare to see age as only a number and not as a limitation. I dare to walk through new doors as they open to me. I dare to live as fully as possible until the end of my days."

Billie and Jack Satterly | AGE: 87 and 88

Billie Satterly has been a dedicated volunteer to both Louisville Metro Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) and St. Joseph Children's Home Sewing Society for nearly 26 years. Jack Satterly owned and operated a Honda Motorcycle dealership in Louisville, Kentucky for over 30 years.  He was an avid motorcycle rider and just recently retired from riding them. 

Billie and Jack have been married for 70 years and have five children and 14 grandchildren. They both attend St. Joseph Catholic Church in Butchertown area of Louisville.

"As we age, we dare to keep talking and being with people. There’s no stranger to the Satterly's."

Janette Sharp | AGE: 94

Janette and her husband, WD, were a pastor and wife team for 40 years before retiring in Elkton. They lived in four states in seven different cities. She has been a Sunday school teacher, GA leader, Mission Friends teacher, and choir member. She enjoyed doing all of those things that bring comfort to others. After retiring in Elkton, she has settled into a routine of visiting nursing home residents, serving catered meals at the senior center as fundraisers, bagging up goodies to take to first responders, preparing Halloween bags, filling Easter eggs for hunts, sending cards for her Sunday school class, and passing out flyers for Todd County blood drives for at least 15 years. The Elkton community is a better place to live because of Janette! 

"As I age, I dare to take piano lessons and continue to be active at the senior center."

Alma Sturgeon | AGE: 89

Alma Sturgeon is a family-oriented individual with a large family, including six children, six grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. She was part owner of J.C. Sturgeon Insurance Agency and dedicated nearly 20 years working for the Kentucky Farm Bureau. She is an active church member with St. John Paul Parish and the spouse of a deacon.  She continues to stay engaged with the Friendship Club at St. Peter Apostle Church. 

George Webb | AGE: 86

Dr. George Webb has dedicated his life to caring deeply for others. After retiring as an anesthesiologist, he returned to medicine as the Associate Medical Director of Hosparus and later became a board member. Over the last 17 years, Dr. Webb has selflessly volunteered thousands of hours for Hosparus, delivering numerous presentations on end-of-life matters, being a valuable resource for hospice volunteers, medical students, and those seeking to understand death and dying. He even created a manual addressing the needs of the dying from various cultural backgrounds.

Beyond his work with Hosparus, Dr. Webb has been an invaluable source of knowledge and compassion for incarcerated individuals at the Kentucky State Reformatory, where he has trained and supported hospice volunteers. He is currently involved in a similar program being initiated by Hosparus Health at the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women. Additionally, Dr. Webb serves on the board of Hildegard House, maintaining his commitment to helping others live and die with dignity.

"As I age, I dare to continue to search for ways that I can contribute and be of service to my community in a positive way as long as I am physically able. Even though the aging process begins to limit our physical powers, there should be other ways we can continue to be an asset to our community. During my life's journey, I have dedicated much time to improving and advancing good end-of-life care. Many of my friends and acquaintances have asked why I continue to pursue this goal because the work is so depressing. I many times agree that you will on occasion grieve along with individuals and families, but in the long term there is a great spiritual and personal satisfaction in knowing that you have helped make this part of life's path smoother and less traumatic for some individuals. So, I will continue to pursue these goals as I continue my own life's path."

Jacob J. Weber, Jr. | AGE: 86

Jack is a retired pastor and missionary who devoted his life to serving others. He spent time working with churches and campgrounds in different states. Jack’s determination to learn led him to earning his degree in his thirties while driving a school bus and working with small churches. He continues to learn and serve as a research assistant at a public library, where he is working on a historical project researching antebellum homes, family lines, and county history. 

Throughout his life, Jack has left a positive impact on the various communities he has lived in across the United States. He has touched the lives of many people, and his family and friends can be proud of the legacy he has created. 

"As I age, I dare to soar to new opportunities and move forward in helping others."

Oleta Williams AGE: 85

Ms. Oleta Williams recently celebrated her 85th birth and holds a special place as one of the dedicated volunteers at both the Louisville Metro Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) and the St. Joseph’s Sewing Society. She has been generously giving her time to her volunteer work for 22 years. Before this, she had a career as a professor and faculty member at the University of Louisville’s School of Medicine. However, her true passion lies in sewing, embroidery, and spending time with the women at the St. Joseph’s Children Home every week.

"As I've aged, I dared to join the ladies at Saint Joseph's sewing society after I retired from the University of Louisville Medical School after 40 years of service. I enjoyed every minute of my 20 years of service at St. Joe's and looked forward to going each week. I loved the fellowship with the volunteers and seeing all the beautiful quilts they made for the summer picnic each year that brought in money for the children who lived there in the lovely quarters that were built for them. I also served my church in various capacities such as communion person, money counter, and woman's club member, picnic booth worker serving lunch for people with health problems. This was a very rewarding ministry and very much appreciated. I also baked pies for sale on Thanksgiving and also for the picnic in the summer. After having the coronavirus, I wasn't able to do any of this. I am grateful for the time I did have and miss it so much. Try it and you will like and they will teach you!"

Mariya Yanovitskaya | AGE: 100

Mariya reached the impressive milestone of turning 100 years old in February of this year. Though originally from Russia, she has lived in Louisville for some time. In April 2011, she joined the Access Care Older Adult Program, which she attends several times a week to socialize with friends, engage in crafts, play games, and participate in various activities. She also enjoys spending time with others, learning about their cultures and traditional ways of living.

"As I age, I dare to always be patient, don’t smoke, never drink and most importantly be kind to others."

Steve Chang Yi and Chung Hwa Yi | AGE: 96 and 88

Originally from Korea, Steve Chang Yi and Chung Hwa Yi have lived in the United States for some time. They both have been regulars at the Access Care Older Adult Center since 2018. Steve enjoys being with other international friends and playing cards and other games while Chung Hwa likes doing crafts, cooking, and art projects. 

"As we age, we dare to live honestly."