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Organized by a hub and spoke model, Project ECHO a tele-mentoring movement dedicated to sharing knowledge and amplifying the capacity of health care professionals to provide best practice care for underserved individuals. 

We invite you to learn about our five Project ECHO tracks. Each month, members of each track come together using Zoom technology to discuss case-based content related to the unique theme of each track. Continuing education opportunities are coming soon! If you would like to learn more about how Project ECHO can help improve your career or if you have questions about joining, contact our Project ECHO Coordinator Justin Magnuson.


Our Tracks

Nursing Home COVID-19 Action Network

Project ECHO: National Nursing Home COVID-19 Action Network is an action-
oriented community of nursing home staff and infectious disease experts
dedicated to best practices in combating COVID-19 in nursing homes.

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Care of Older Adults 

Project ECHO: Care of Older Adults is a growing community of health care
providers and community stakeholders dedicated to best practices in the
care of older adults.

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Opioid Risk Management & Adjunct Pain 
Management Strategies 

Project ECHO: Opioid Risk Management & Adjunct Pain Management Strategies
will empower our partners to improve the quality of life for patients, families,
and health care providers by providing best practices related to treating older
adults living with pain.

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Compassionate Care for Persons with ADRD

Project ECHO: Compassionate Care of Persons with ADRD educates healthcare
providers about the concept of compassionate caregiving, in particular for
persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias (ADRD), in order to
improve physical and mental health of persons with ADRD. 

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Age-Friendly Hospitals 

Project ECHO: Age-Friendly Hospitals works to infuse age-friendly healthcare
principles into hospital and emergency room settings. Learners will receive
training in implementing the “4Ms” of age-friendly healthcare systems as well
as the integrated care approach of the FlourishCare model in their
respective environments. 

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Palliative Care Connect 

Project ECHO: Palliative Care Connect - Addressing Medically Complex
Patients and Quality of Life builds a community of support, education,
and advocacy for palliative care to improve the quality of life of seriously
ill patients and their families. 
This track is held in partnership
with Hosparus Health. 

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How it Works

Project Echo® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a tele-mentoring movement dedicated to sharing knowledge and amplifying the capacity of health care professionals to provide best practice care for underserved people all over the world. Recognizing a need for increased specialists, particularly in rural communities, Project ECHO utilizes the teleconferencing platform Zoom to create hub-and-spoke knowledge sharing networks around the world. By creating communities of learning, Project ECHO improves treatment by moving information instead of people. 

Our Project ECHO approach is building a community to learn how to better treat and improve the quality of life for older adults in Kentucky. It will give you increased knowledge and continuing education credits (coming soon!) in the convenience of your office.  To learn more and join us please email the Project ECHO Coordinator, Justin Magnuson, or phone at 502-588-4340. 


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