Project ECHO: Care of Older Adults

In order to improve the health and wellbeing of older adults, in 2018, we launched a Project ECHO focusing on the care of older adults. Among the many challenges, Kentuckians face in rural and underserved communities is healthcare access. This is especially true for older adults. In these communities, it can be difficult for individuals to find providers close to them who are educated in the complexities of caring for older adults. 

Project ECHO: Care of Older Adults typically meets on the 3rd Friday, 12:00-1:30 pm Eastern Time (unless otherwise noted), in collaboration with the Kentucky Coalition for Healthy Communities (KCHC.)  Project ECHO sessions include an educational didactic (topics found in the schedule below), a case presentation, and discussion to address the following needs. The KCHC meeting will offer time for participants to discuss how they can use the information in their communities, share upcoming events, and meet quarterly to learn about additional topics. Participants can expect information focused on: 

  1.  Providing patient-/family-centered care;
  2.  Improving chronic health conditions;
  3.  Providing effective behavioral health interventions;
  4.  Improving treatment and care of those with Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias; and
  5.  Increasing interprofessional collaborative care. 

Contact Justin Magnuson to learn more.

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How to Join:
Our Project ECHO approach is building a community to learn how to better treat and improve the quality of life for older adults in Kentucky. It will give you increased knowledge and continuing education credits (coming soon!) in the convenience of your office.  To learn more and join us please contact the Project ECHO Coordinator, Justin Magnuson

Zoom registration for this event (you can register right before the meeting begins).

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