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About the UofL Trager Institute 

The UofL Trager Institute/Republic Bank Optimal Aging Clinic want to make aging better for people in their communities. We also make the healthcare industry better for people as they age. 

We use advanced ways of helping patients, work together on research, and teach health care professionals. We want people to see aging as a positive time in life. The UofL Trager Institute is part of the University of Louisville in Kentucky. We work to make life better for older adults and to change the way health care is delivered. We are a place for lifelong wellness and learning. 

Republic Bank Foundation Optimal Aging Clinic

Our holistic health care model, FlourishCare™, involves a team of many different health care workers to meet patients' needs. We focus on helping patients have good physical and mental health as they age. We offer many services like heath care, therapy and wellness services. We also offer telehealth for people who can't leave their homes.

Other Features

UofL Trager Institute have rooms for video conferences so researchers can work together with others from all over the world. We also have a place to train people who work in the field. There is a fitness area for the community and space for physical therapy. Our demonstration kitchen provides nutrition counseling and classes. 

Our location

The Trager Institute/Optimal Aging Clinic is located at 204 E. Market St. in Louisville in the "Innovation Corridor" in NuLu. 


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