Brain Health & Dementia Clinic

brain health clinic

Dementia takes a toll on not just the people living with the disease but also on their loved ones and caregivers in a way that almost no other illness does. 


Our Brain Health Clinic aims to meet the unique needs of anyone with suspected cognitive decline and their loved ones. Our team of experts, including care navigators and clinicians proficient in dementia care, collaborate to deliver tailored services. We focus on creating a person-centered care plan that reflects the individual’s goals, strengths, and needs, ensuring a holistic approach to managing dementia and co-occurring conditions.

From identifying primary care providers and specialists to outlining necessary care coordination services, we ensure all aspects of the individual's health and well-being are managed effectively.

Recognizing the critical role of unpaid caregivers, our Brain Health Clinic offers skills training, referrals to community-based social services, 24/7 access to a support line, and respite services. We aim to reduce the burden on caregivers, enabling them to provide care while maintaining their own well-being.


Anyone with suspected cognitive decline is eligible for these services. If you do not already have a diagnosis, we can perform the diagnostic assessment. 

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