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A Statement from the UofL Trager Institute Leadership Team

The leadership team at the University of Louisville Trager Institute is deeply concerned by the violence brought upon Black communities across the country. For too long we have tolerated these injustices in our own community. Because many of us have not experienced these injustices in our own lives, we have not been a strong enough voice against police brutality, institutional racism, marginalized communities, and health disparities. We are angered and saddened that these communities have been failed for years by the institutions in our society who should protect them. We grieve for the lives stolen by this neglect and domination.

We cry for Breonna Taylor. We cry for David McAtee. We cry for Ahmaud Arbery. We cry for George Floyd.

The UofL Trager Institute acknowledges that the struggle against racism is one that requires our own participation. We acknowledge that we, as white leaders of this organization, all have our own biases. We acknowledge and confront our own tolerance and acceptance of the current structure of systematic racism and white supremacy in this country. We also acknowledge that these injustices are exacerbated by a public health pandemic, in itself highlighted by the disproportionate rate of Black American deaths due to COVID-19.

Acknowledging these injustices is but a first step. In following with the broader commitment made by University of Louisville President Neeli Bendapudi to address racial justice as part of the university’s strategic plan, our next step is to do a comprehensive review of our Institute and all our endeavors to ensure we are holding our selves accountable to racial equity and justice.

In the coming months, we pledge that we will do as much work as we have to do to ensure that race is not a barrier to receiving the health care every person deserves, to receiving the opportunities every person deserves, to receiving the protections every person deserves, and to receiving the education every person deserves. We pledge that we will address racial justice, and we will research and develop strategies on how we can undo the structural elements in our society that sustain the disparities we see every day. We pledge that we will strive towards providing access to resources and services to all our community members to promote human flourishing.

We ask our UofL Trager Institute team to join us and take compassionate action with us. We ask everyone to sign petitions, donate to organizations that are fighting oppression, and seek support when the pressures of our time are taking a mental toll on us. Let’s stand together and fight for racial justice.

Let’s break the cycle.

Anna Faul, Pam Yankeelov, Christian Furman and Joe D’Ambrosio
University of Louisville Trager Institute Leadership Team

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