Information for Researchers

Having access to a timely, ready-made, extensive, and targeted test population is indispensable whether you are conducting a survey, a biomedical study, or product research. The Institute's Participant Registry offers exactly this at competitive costs. 

Our Participant Registry is IRB approved; all who wish to access the Registry must undergo IRB approval to ensure that the participant data is respected and handled in accordance with HIPAA regulations. 

How does the Participant Registry benefit researchers & businesses?  

  • Access to volunteer group of over 150 individuals 
  • Ready-made test population will reduce time to market 
  • Vetting by target audience will improve ability of your product to obtain market success
  •  Additional research supports available 

Please visit our FAQ for researchers and businesses for more information. 

Please complete and submit the Participant Registry Request Form below if you are interested in using the Institute's Participant Registry.

Participant Registry Request Form


Contact us via phone (502) 852-5629 or email us if you have any questions! 


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