Compassionate Cities Index 


The Compassionate Cities Index is a project from University of Louisville's Institute for Sustainable Health & Optimal Aging, in partnership with Louisville Metro Government, the University of Louisville School of Medicine, the International Charter for Compassionate Cities, Compassionate Louisville and the International Charter for Compassion.

The Index builds on the work of Drs. Anna Faul and Joseph D'Ambrosio and the international compassionate cities movement. As a growing number of cities and communities begin to prioritize compassion and commit to the Compassionate Cities Movement, the need for a standardized measurement tool to evaluate compassion has grown. The Compassionate Cities Index will be a reliable and accurate tool for measuring the prevalence of compassion in cities.

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 Creating a More Compassionate City Starts in Your Zip Code

In order for the Index to be a success, we need 67 people from each Louisville zip code to complete the survey! Check out the progress of your zip code below. Does the zip code where you live or work need more responses? Click here to find out how you can be a Compassion Champion and spread the word about the Compassionate Cities Survey.

April 13 Graph