Flourish: Patients 

We specialize in helping adults with multiple chronic conditions
improve their life satisfaction through a comprehensive care navigation program. 



Care Model



About the Flourish Program

We believe that health is more than visiting the doctor and taking medicine. The Flourish Program will help you achieve better health by addressing your physical, behavioral (mental), and social health where you live. This program is based on our Flourish Care Coordination Model, which links your clinical and behavioral health care plans with your community care plan. 

This approach is based on the latest research in care coordination, interventions, and assessment to help you improve your health and life satisfaction. We utilize Project ECHO tele-communication to ensure your customized care plan is routinely reviewed by a wide variety of specialists and field experts.

Eligibility. Ideal patients are adults ~50+ with multiple chronic conditions living in the following Kentucky counties: Barren, Bullitt, Hart, Henry, Metcalfe, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, and Trimble. However, if you or someone you know could benefit from this service, please submit a patient referral and we will evaluate our ability to provide services. 

Learn about the importance of a care coordination model that 
integrates medical health, behavioral health, and social determinants of health.



What We Do 

Our team of trained professionals and learners will: 

  • Work with your doctors to coordinate your health care 
  • Provide you with effective behavioral health interventions 
  • Connect you with community resources 
  • Provide wellness support that addresses all aspects of your health 
  • Provide education about your health conditions 
  • Work with your healthcare provider to coordinate your care, which can reduce your medical expenses
  • Provide a medication management consultation

What to Expect


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