Optimal Aging Month 2018

By Mayoral Decree, September is Optimal Aging Month! For the fourth consecutive year, the UofL Institute for Sustainable Health & Optimal Aging is hosting Optimal Aging Month. This awareness month seeks to inspire and encourage people to learn about the concept of optimal aging. Our Optimal Aging Month is part of a national observation of Healthy Aging Month. Click here to download the flyer.

About Optimal Aging Month
Optimal Aging Month Events

What is Optimal Aging and Why is it Important? Optimal aging is a new understanding of aging, in which people flourish physically, socially, and emotionally from birth to death in compassionate intergenerational communities. This view of aging transforms the way we understand and approach the aging process - from one of fragmentation and unnecessary suffering to one of inter-connectedness, access to information, and resources. 

The Month Theme: "As I age, I dare to..." Daring to dream and discover as we go through life, in the face of whatever challenges we may encounter, is essential to aging optimally. As we age, we dare to always find creative solutions to the questions that matter most. What do you dare to do? 

Share what you #DareToDo with us by taking a picture of you with your answer to the theme! Either email us or share on social media using @ULOptimalAging #DaretoDo.


Meet our Honorary Optimal Aging Catalysts! This year's Optimal Aging month agin features two Honorary Optimal Aging Catalysts, Hall of Fame Player Darrell Griffith, “Dr. Dunkenstein”, and Denny Crum, Hall of Fame Basketball Coach. 


Save the Date!

On October 23 - 24, Card Nation will unite for Raise Some L, UofL's annual day of giving. This is a Cardinal call to action to all students, alumni, faculty, staff, and fans to do two very simple things:

1. Make a Gift
2. Spread the Word #RaiseSomeL

Take this opportunity to make an impact and raise essential funds for areas of campus meaningful to you. Let’s #RaiseSomeL! But why wait? Support the Institute Today! 


Previous Optimal Aging Months:


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