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The Trager Institute offers a variety of student opportunities across several disciplines, including social work, engineering, and geriatrics & palliative medicine. We invite you to explore how your passions, skills, and interests could be strengthened by joining the Institute's team. Contact us to learn more about customized programs for legal students and nursing students.

Practicum Placement
Geriatric Medicine Fellowship
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Engineering Capstone

Electrical Engineering Capstone | Toilet Seat Weight Scale

The goal of this electrical engineering capstone project is to create a way to monitor the weight of elderly individuals with health concerns, while remaining at home rather than in an assisted living facility. Most patients go to the restroom first thing in the morning so this system is designed to monitor that patient’s weight at a consistent time every day. Should a drastic fluctuation take place, the caregiver will be notified via a wireless application. The system described was a toilet seat weight scale that takes the patient's weight while tracking previous weights to ensure the health of the patient.

2016 - 2017

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