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National Advocacy

The Institute works closely with its federal representatives as well as national organizations to promote the health of our aging population.


  • Hosted 2015 White House Conference on Aging Watch Party

  • Presentations at national conferences and publications in national journals. Click here to learn more about the Institute's publications.

  • The Institute is a GWEP (Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program) grant recipient. With our GWEP initiatives, we seek to be part of a national movement to improve primary care for older adults. We approach this goal through four main programs: 1) Flourish, our care coordination program; 2) iCCOA, our professional workforce training program; 3) KCHC, our community coalition; and 4) Memory 360, our Alzheimer's and Related Dementia education and awareness program. Click here to learn more about our GWEP initiative and how you can get involved!


International Advocacy 

The Institute works closely with international organization to promote the health of our aging population.


  • Collaboration with University of Debrecen, Hungary to mentor them in the establishment of an interdisciplinary Institute on Aging

  • LIFE - Living Independently in Full Existence
    • The Belize LIFE Project is a three-year, international outreach project to improve the quality of life of older adults (age 60 & over) living in the South Side of Belize City, Belize. Statistics show that 41.3% of the Belize population live in poverty with multiple needs associated with the basic needs of life. Through the collaborative efforts of compassionate community partners, LIFE focuses on measurably improving five dimensions that impact the health and well-being of older persons: social supports, housing, food access, medical care, and transportation. Medical support to Mercy Clinic is being provided remotely through video case conferencing technology, to assist with medical needs not available in Belize, by the Institute's Medical Director, Dr. Christian Furman. 


How Can You Advocate for the Rights of Older Adults? 

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  • Call politicians on critical legislation 
  • Attend national conferences and rallies on aging issues with the Institute
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