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The Institute works closely with the Department of Aging and Independent Living to create statewide policy initiatives that promote sustainable health and optimal aging.


  • Appointment to Governor's Council on Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementing Disorders | Executive Director, Dr. Anna Faul

  • Board Appointments of the Institute Faculty and Staff at State level:
    • Association for Directors of Geriatric Academic Program
    • Kentucky Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

  • COSAR Representative for American Geriatrics Society | Medical Director, Dr. Christian Furman

  • MOST Coalition
    • The Medical Order for Scope of Treatment (MOST) is an advance care planning tool, based on the POLST Paradigm, designed for those facing advanced and life-limiting illnesses. The MOST form was signed into KY law in 2015. The MOST Form is an order sheet printed on a bright pink piece of paper, listing your wishes at the end-of-life. The KY MOST Coalition is comprised of a group of diverse stakeholders. These stakeholders began meeting bi-monthly in January 2017, to develop a platform for educating and implementing the MOST form.The KY MOST Coalition is committed to promoting the KY MOST form through education and advocacy.
    • The vision of the KY MOST Coalition is a community where people are empowered to make knowledgeable choices regarding their end of life that are known, respected and honored across all health care settings in Kentucky. The KY MOST Coalition promotes the acceptance, implementation, and evaluation of the MOST form as a vital component of advance care planning for all Kentuckians. 

      Click here for access to a MOST Form. For more information, please visit the website of the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services.


  • Alzheimer's Awareness License Plate
    • As of November 2017, the Alzheimer’s specialty license plates are available in Kentucky!
    • In November 2016, the Institute provided a grant to the Alzheimer’s Association that covered the application fee for remaining applications needed for the State of Kentucky to create a new specialty license plate. Through the Institute’s support, the Alzheimer’s Association was able to submit the necessary 900 pre-paid applications to the state for approval that month.
    • Kentucky is the first state in the US to have this specialty license plate for Alzheimer’s awareness and education. Having these plates will raise awareness of the disease, which will become more prevalent as Kentucky’s population ages. Currently, Alzheimer’s affected nearly 70,000 Kentuckians. 
    • The license plate features a “forget-me-not” flower on a purple background with the words: “Honor. Remember. Care. End Alzheimer’s,” capturing both the hope and devastation of this disease. Alzheimer’s is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States, the fifth for people over 65.  Research has not yet found a way to stop or reverse this disease. As many as half of people with dementia have never received a diagnosis, yet they could benefit from a variety of available medical and support services.
    • Our support for the Alzheimer’s Awareness license plate is a powerful symbol of the Institute's enduring love for those affected by Alzheimer’s, our unwavering support for their family members, and our commitment to working with our communities.
    • The Institute’s Dr. Joe with his new plate! Drivers will now be able to select the plate whenever renewing tags at any county clerk office. These specialty plates are available for an additional fee, and those who select the plate will also have the option of including a $10.00 donation that will fund Alzheimer’s awareness and education activities in
    • Check out the plate below and join our email list for more information on the Alzheimer's Awareness Plates and more. Kentucky. Learn more at https://www.alz.org/kyin/


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