Student Opportunities

The Trager Institute offers a variety of student opportunities across several disciplines, including social work, engineering, and geriatrics & palliative medicine. We invite you to explore how your passions, skills, and interests could be strengthened by joining the Institute's team. Contact us to learn more about customized programs for legal students and nursing students.

**New offer for Students!**

We are excited to offer a new graduate-level practicum placement for students in their final year of studies in the following disciplines: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (doctoral-level), Counseling Psychology (master-level), and Social Work (master-level). 

About the Program: Flourish Behavioral Health Graduate Internship Program is a one-year, paid internship that trains students to provide care coordination and behavioral health interventions while working with older adults in rural Kentucky. Placements begin Fall 2018.

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Practicum Placement
Geriatric Medicine Fellowship
Palliative Medicine Fellowship
Engineering Capstone

Social Work Practicum Projects

2016 - 2017 Cohort  
  • Law Internship with Flourish Program
  • Marketing Internship
  • Presbyterian Home Intergenerational Communities
  • Fostering Compassionate Care for Alzheimer's Patients in Residential Settings
  • Psychological Non-Epileptic Seizure Project (PNES)
  • Wayside Christian Mission

 2015 - 2016 Cohort  
  • Children & Older Adult Mentorship Community Program | Zastron, SA
  •  Psychological Non-Epileptic Seizure Projects (PNES)
  • Fostering Compassionate Care for Alzheimer's Patients in Residential Settings
  • No Wrong Door Policy Initiative for Non-Eligible VA Medical Foster Home Veterans
  •  The Food Pantry Preventative Medical Home
  •  Optimal Aging Project
  •  Gero onDemand App
  • Wayside Christian Mission
  •  LGBTQ Intergenerational Communities
  • YMCA Optimal Aging Exercise Program
  • Naturally Occurring Livable Communities



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